Forgotten Rust

Welcome to a world ruled by metal and controlled by rust.

A small robot wheels its way across a world healing after almost total destruction. Where the robot is going is a mystery, but finding out could be more important than anyone could possibly realize.

Will you follow?

Chapter 1: The Robot

Chapter 2: The Watching Girl

Chapter 3: Leaving Home

Chapter 4: The Storm

Chapter 5: Ambushed

Chapter 6: See the Sound

Chapter 7: Trouble in Taggen

Chapter 8: What’s in a Probe?

Chapter 9: Hustle River

Chapter 10: Follow the White Truck

Chapter 11: The Rust Stack

Chapter 12: Finders not Keepers

Chapter 13: Dr. Stephen

Chapter 14: Pope

Chapter 15: Lost in Moughte

Chapter 16: Edge of Darkness

Chapter 17: A City Worth of Metal

Chapter 18: The Falling Tub