Campaign Resources (D&D)

If you’d like to play in this campaign yourself this is where you can find all the resources. Maps and images are free to download as well as supplementary story material! If you don’t mind spoilers I’ve also included a high level summary of the campaign so you don’t have to wait for me to finish up the story to get your players to the end.



Chapter 1: Driftwood Island

The players are marooned on a small island between Waterdeep and Caer Callydir. The cause of the shipwreck was a mysterious luminescent wave that smashed into their ship, sinking it. The island has a small town on the northern end which is controlled by a powerful wizard. The ultimate goal of the first chapter is to get the wizard to grant the players each a powerful artifact.

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Chapter 2: Caer Callydir

Chapter 3: The Moonshae Isles

Chapter 4: The Cleaners