The Penny Dreadfuls (D&D)

This campaign is about the exploits of the group known as the Penny Dreadfuls! I’m writing an article for each session of the D&D campaign. The first section of each post is a dramatic summation of the events in-game, while the second section goes into details on choices I had to make and the lessons I learned while telling a story with a bunch of improvised characters.

If you’re interested in playing this campaign, I’ve uploaded most of my Campaign Resources and give further details on the overarching story-line (spoilers!)

You can also get to know each of the Dreadful Characters

I’ve included a list of other role playing resources I’ve found entertaining or inspirational. Here is the list of Helpful Links

Session 1: Shipwrecked

Session 2: Marooned (part 1)

Session 2: Marooned (part 2)

Session 3: Vlf, The Wizard

Session 4: Timo and the Temple