The Gods of Anthem: Canon meets Tolomy

No picture for the post this week. The scene doesn’t really lend itself to an interesting picture, but that’s mostly just an excuse because I didn’t like how the picture I drew turned out. Anyway, I love Tolomy. He’s my favorite character to write. The problem is I hate his name and I haven’t managed to come up with anything more appropriate. If anyone out there thinks of a better name let me know.


Tolomy’s Bench

“Karina!” he yelled.

She gave him a cheery wave and disappeared onto the roof. There would be any number of ways to get down off the building and Canon knew there was no way to catch her now. Defeated, he sat down on the nearest bench and tried to catch his breath.

“Excuse me.” said a voice.

Canon looked up, startled. It was Tolomy. Canon was sitting on Tolomy’s bench. He jumped up, stammering an apology.

“Oh for gods’ sake sit down. I didn’t mean you had to leave, I just wanted to share. It’s not every day I meet someone brave enough to use my bench.”

“I wasn’t being brave sir. I just didn’t think.”

“Well it’s not really my bench so I guess we’re even. Please sit down.”

Canon, who couldn’t think of a way to make running away look polite, sat again.

Tolomy sat too. He ran his fingers through his hair looking around the courtyard distractedly before glancing at Canon, “You do realize we’re about the same age?”

Canon had not realized this, but now that it was mentioned, “I didn’t notice…” Tolomy was young, probably several years younger than Canon himself. He had thick brownish hair, an open, friendly expression, and pale blue eyes.

“No one notices right off…” Tolomy didn’t look at Canon, his gaze danced from the tree next to them to the stones of the courtyard, to the ceiling above them, never settling for long. “Everyone has their own idea of what I’m like. It’s funny… I think they’re all terrified I’ll start lopping off heads left and right. But honestly, why would I do that?” he glanced sideways at Canon expecting a response.

“I really don’t know.”

Tolomy sighed and looked back out over the rooftops. “I don’t know. What about you? I saw you yelling at that climby girl. What was that about?”

“I’m supposed to keep her from leaving the district, but she keeps getting away from me.”

“Who is she?”

“Kar…” Canon paused. He had no idea where this man’s loyalty lay. “You’re not working for Kattizan are you?” He asked instead.

“What? Yes.” Tolomy paused thinking about it for a moment, “I suppose. Are you afraid I’m going to go tell him she escaped? I give you my word that I will not. Promise. Was that the sister he’s been making such a fuss about?”

“It was… Karina.”

“The whole Family is crazy. Who are you?” Tolomy was switching topics rather quickly and Canon was having trouble keeping up.

“I’m Canon.”

“And what do you do?”

“I’m helping Eglon with his project.”

“Ah… you’re one of those mechanics. I like Eg… he’s one of the few people that doesn’t mind talking to me. I appreciate him for that. I’m Tolomy, but I expect you already knew that or you wouldn’t have been so fast off my bench. Can I see your papers?”

Canon wasn’t sure he could refuse, so he pulled them from his pocket and handed them over. Tolomy gave them a quick look before handing them back.

“Thanks. What’d you do before you came to the District?”

“I was a Temple Guard.” Canon put his papers away.

Tolomy whistled, “Wow. You’re very brave then. No wonder you were sitting on my bench.”


“I’m kidding. Still… I can say with reasonable assurance that you’re the first Guard to ever get papers like these. Even red restricted papers is an impressive feat for a Temple Guard.” Tolomy was vacant again staring across the courtyard in the gathering darkness. Canon shifted uneasily, not sure if he should leave or not.

“I apologize for my tendency to ramble Canon,” said Tolomy suddenly. He slowly pulled his eyes from whatever they were looking at and stared at Canon. “I’m working.”

“I don’t mean to bother you, I should probably be going.”

“You’re not bothering me,” said Tolomy turning away again, “I’m always working, but I can see you’re uncomfortable so I’ll let you go.”

Canon started to rise.

“On one condition,” Tolomy added.

“What?” said Canon, freezing in place.

“Come back and talk to me sometime. Preferably soon. I get lonely on my bench.”

“Alright,” said Canon.


2 thoughts on “The Gods of Anthem: Canon meets Tolomy

  1. This is a fun read. I look forward to more. I’m glad you posted on fb about a name change, because somehow, I think I missed this! You are awesome!


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